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Christine is ordering 4 bags of cat food from canada. Each bag has a mass of 2.5 kg. To determine the shipping costs, christine needs to know the total weight in pounds. What is the weight of the cat food in pounds?

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22.05 pounds

Step-by-step explanation:

First, find the total mass in Kg.

We have four bags and they each weigh 2.5 Kg. Multiply the amount of bags by the weight of each bag. 4 bags x 2.5 Kg = 10 Kg of Cat food

Now, to convert from Kgs to Lbs, multiply the total weight by 2.205 (since one Kg is about 2.205 lbs)

10 Kg x 2.205 = 22.05 Lbs

That's a good amount of food for any cat
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