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For every 10 flowers, there are 36 butterflies resting on the flower with the same number
on each flower. How many butterflies are on one flower? Select all that apply. Then,
explain what concept you applied and why.

1 Answer

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about 3.6 butterflies (round up if needed to 4)

Step-by-step explanation:

If you have 10 flowers, and 36 butterflies, then to find out how many butterflies on each flower, divide 36 butterflies among 10 flowers ([tex]36/10[/tex])

This will give you 3.6 butterflies per flower.

Now, we know you can't have 3.6 butterflies (it's either 3 or 4), but this is just a mathematical prediction, so it just says that if you could have less than a whole butterfly, that's how it would work
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