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Which terms describe this shape? Choose all that apply.





2 Answers

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parallelogram, square, rectangle, rhombus


Step-by-step explanation:

A square is a shape that has four sides equal in length

the little dash-marks on multiple sides are to show that the two sides are of the same dimension/length.

So, if all four sides are marked as equivalent, this must be a square.

And, a parallelogram is a shape with two pairs of parallel sides, meaning that a square/this shape is a parallelogram

However, a square is also a rectangle, because it is a parallelogram with four 90-degrees (interior) angles [which is just a formal definition for what you know to be a rectangle].

AND a square is a rhombus because it has four sides of equal length

a square is a rectangle; a rectangle is a parallelogram

a square is a rhombus;

a rhombus is a parallelogram; a square is a parallelogram

(and a square is a square)
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The answer is a square.
All four sides are congruent.
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