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Two trains leave two different stations 300 km apart; the first starts at noon and the second at 12 15 h. Travelling on parallel tracks, they meet each other at 15 00 h. Each train travels at a constant speed, the one leaving at 12 15 h moves at 15 km/h faster than the other. What are their speeds?​

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See below

Step-by-step explanation:

From noon to 1500 is three hours

train A then travels  3x where x = speed in km/hr

train B only travels for 2.45 hours and covers

2.45 ( x + 15)  where x + 15 is its speed in km/hr

these two values sum to the 300 km distance

3x + 2.45 ( x + 15) = 300

3x + 2.45 x + 36.75 = 300

x = 48.3 km/hr x+15= 63.3 km / hr
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