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Mr. Garcia had some blueberries. He sold 2 3/4 kilograms of the blueberries and packed the rest equally into 9 bags. Each bag contained 1/4 kilogram of blueberries. Find the mass of blueberries that mr. Garcia had at first

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Mr. Garcia had 5 kilograms of blueberries at first

Step-by-step explanation:

to make this easiest, we can imagine that we're undoing mr. garcia's actions.

So, we can start by 'unpacking' mr garcia's bags

we know that each of the nine bags had 1/4 kilograms, so we can multiply 1/4 by 9 to find the collective mass packed into bags

(remember, multiplication is repeated addition. we could also add 1/4 + 1/4 + 1/4... nine times, but this would take a while)


1/4 x 9 = 9/4

(9 = 9/1 [if that is how you're used to multiplying a fraction])

Then, he also sold 2 3/4 kilograms

so, we can add 2 3/4 + 9/4 to find the total mass of the blueberries at first

2 3/4 + 9/4 = 2 + 12/4

(12/4 = 3)

2 + 3 = 5

So, Mr. Garcia had 5 kilograms of blueberries at first
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