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Ermias and Jeremiah both leave the bookstore at the same time, but in opposite directions. If Jeremiah travels 8 mph faster than Ermias and after 8 hours they are 240 miles apart, how fast is each traveling?

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Using proportions, it is found that Ermias is traveling at a rate of 11 mph and Jeremiah at a rate of 19 mph.

What is a proportion?

A proportion is a fraction of a total amount, and the measures are related using a rule of three.

Jeremiah travels 8 mph faster than Ermias, hence their velocities are:

x, x + 8

They travel in opposite directions, hence in one hour they are 2x + 8 apart.

In eight hours, the distance is 8(2x + 8), which is of 240 miles, hence:

8(2x +8) = 240

2x + 8 = 30

2x = 22

x = 11.


- x = 11 -> Ermias.

- x = 11 + 8 = 19 -> Jeremiah.

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