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PLEASE HELP!! help plsss Victoria and Jennifer walk at a different averagr speed. Victoris walks at an average speed of 1 1/5 miles in 1/2 hour. Jennifer walks st sn average speed of 2/3 mile in 1/4 hour. who is walking faster? and by how much, in miles per hour?

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Jennifer is faster by .3 miles per hour
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Jenifer is faster by 0.3 miles per hour

Step-by-step explanation:


Victoria: 1 1/5 miles in 1/2 an hour

Jenifer: 2/3 miles in 1/4 of an hour

Who is walking faster: ?

Step 1: Find the unit rate for victoria

To find the unit rate, or in this case how many miles per hour, you always divide the first unit in the question by the 2nd one. In other words, in the statment "miles per hour", you divide mile/hour.

For victoria, we will divide 1 1/5÷1/2. To make it easier, convert them to decimals first.

1 1/5= 1.2

1/2= 0.5

1.2÷ 0.5= 2.4

Victoria walks at 2.4 miles per hour.

Step 2: Find the unit rate for Jenifer using the same strategy used for victoria

This time, it won't be as simple to convert the fractions to decimals because even though 1/4 simplifies to 0.25, 2/3 is a long, irrational decimal.

2/3÷1/4= 2/3x4/1= 8/3= 2 2/3

Jenifer walks 2 2/3 miles per hour, or about 2.666666667 --> 2.7 miles per hour.

Step 3: Compare to find who walks faster

Use whichever you find easier.

Method #1: Compare the numbers in decimal form

2.40 < 2.70

In this method, it tells us that Jenifer is faster.

Method #2: Compare the numbers as fractions

* 2.4--> 2 4/10---> 2 2/5

2 2/5 < 2 2/3

(The lower the number of the denominator, the bigger the fraction).

In this method, it also tells me that Jenifer is faster.

Step 4: Now we just need to find how much faster Jenifer is, which we can do by subtracting Victoria from Jenifer (since Jenifer's number is bigger)

So, its Jenifer-Victoria:

Jenifer's speed is approx. 2.666667

2.666667- 2.4= 0.266667

This rounds to 0.3, or 3/10.


Hope this helps :)) also brainliest would be appreciated as i worked pretty hard on this, thanks :)
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