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What is the value of x in the solution set of 9(2x+1)<9x-18

2 Answers

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the answer is 3x< I believe so
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x ∠ -3

Step-by-step explanation:

To solve this inequality, we have to follow the steps below

open the bracket

collect like term

subtract and then divide both sides so that we can be left with just the variable

9(2x +1) < 9x - 18

opening the bracket, the equation becomes;

18x + 9 < 9x - 18

collect like terms, numbers with x variables on the left-hand side, and numbers standing alone on the right-hand side of the inequality

18x - 9x < -18-9

9x < -27

Divide both sides of the equation by 9

9x/9 < -27/9

x < -3
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