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which is the the largest decimal? .345, .33, .332, .35

1 Answer

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0.345 or .345

Step-by-step explanation:

because that is the highest decimal number because it has higher values, I mean "345" is greater than "33", "35", and "332".

the only way the smallest number would be the highest number is when it have a negative symbol to it e.g -0.1 is greater than -0.2 due to the fact that -0.1 is closer to 0,1,2,3,..... than -0.2 According to the number line.

All I'm trying to say is that, if it's not a negative number then the one with the highest value or number is actually the highest number EXCEPT if it Hans the negative symbol (-) to it, then it's the opposite meaning the "smallest number" would be the highest number.

Hope this helps buddy, Good luck ✅.
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