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A couple plans to have 5 children. The gender of each child is equally likely. Design a simulation involving 120 trials that you can use to model the genders of the children. Write your answers as numbers.

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When this runs you would get for each trial:

Child 1: X + (X or Y)

Child 2: X + (X or Y)

Child 3: X + (X or Y)

Child 4: X + (X or Y)

Child 5: X + (X or Y)

Step-by-step explanation:

Well in this scenario we would be looking to see if the gender of the 5 children is going to be a girl or boy. Depending on the situation there is a 50/50 chance you get a XY or XX combinations which determine the gender.

So if the couple plans to have 5 children we would run a simulation that would randomly generate either a X or Y and add it to an X for 5 children. This would be done 120 times to get the desired amount of trials.

Each (X or Y) would be a 50/50 chance probability meaning 1/2 chance to get X and another 1/2 to get Y.
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