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A bag has 3 balls: 1 orange (0), 1 green (G), and 1 blue (B). A coin has 2
sides: heads (H) and tails (T).
You randomly pick a ball and toss a coin. What is the sample space?
A. (OH, OT, GH, GT, BH, BT, OG, GB, BO, HT}
B. (OH, OT, GH, GT, BH, BT}
C. {0, G, B, H, T}
OD. {O, G, B}

1 Answer

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B because it clearly wants you to randomize the order in which they will go if the person randomly picks one of the balls & tosses the coin on either heads or tails!


O (Orange) & H (Heads) or O (Orange) & T (Tails)

G (Green) & H (Heads) or G (Green) & T (Tails)

B (Blue) & H (Heads) or B (Blue) & T (Tails)

These will be the only order they can go in because you are picking one ball randomly & tossing a coin to get either Heads or Tails!
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