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You have purchased 10 large pizzas in order to prepare for a party that will
be equally shared amongst the guests, but you are not sure how many guests
will arrive. the function models the amount of pizza each person gets as a
function of how many guests arrive.
s(x) = 10x^2
s(x) = 10x
s(x) = 1.10^x
s(x) = square root of 10x
s(x) = 1(1/10)^x

1 Answer

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s(x) = 10/x

Step-by-step explanation:

There are x number of people. When you divide an amount by x, you get


Here, the amount is 10 since you bought 10 pizzas, so each person gets

10 divided by x.

s(x) = 10/x
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