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Please help i don't understand!

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9. x=-3/2 10. x=2

x= 5/2 x=5/3

Step-by-step explanation:

9. Factor the equation:

How: put 4x^2 in the bottom left box and -15 in the upper right box.

then multiply 4x^2 x -15 = -60x^2 and put your answer in the top center box of the diamond.

Put the -4x from the equation in the bottom box. Then list out factors that multiply to the top box (-60x^2) and add to the bottom box (-4x) The two factors are -10 and 6

-10 x 6 = -60

-10 + 6 = -4

Put -12x and -5x in the remaining white boxes and find what numbers multiply to each.

I attached a picture. The colored dots correspond with each other.

Eg: Orange dot x orange dot = number in white square

Now you get the two factors (2x+3)(2x-5)

Set both of these equal to 0 and solve

0=2x+3 0=2x-5

x= -3/2 x= 5/2

Do the same for the other problem
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