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A conservationist determines that a particular beach is eroding at a rate of 1.1% each year. when writing an explicit formula to represent the amount of beach remaining each year, which value should she use as the common ratio? 0.011 0.089 0.989 1.011

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Using exponential function concepts, it is found that the common ratio would be given by 0.989.

What is an exponential function?

A decaying exponential function is modeled by:

[tex]A(t) = A(0)(1 - r)^t[/tex]

In which:

- A(0) is the initial value.

- r is the decay rate, as a decimal.

- 1 - r, also as a decimal, is the common ratio.

In this problem, the amount decays 1.1% a year, hence:

- r = 0.011.

- 1 - r = 1 - 0.011 = 0.989.

The common ratio would be given by 0.989.

More can be learned about exponential function concepts at  

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