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Koji is cooking dinner. he has a yellow onion that weighs 0.59 pounds, and a red onion that weighs 208.65 grams. there are 453.5924 grams in a pound. which onion is heavier, and how many ounces heavier is it? a. the red onion is 4.48 ounces heavier than the yellow onion. b. the red onion is 7.69 ounces heavier than the yellow onion. c. the yellow onion is 1.56 ounces heavier than the red onion. d. the yellow onion is 2.08 ounces heavier than the red onion.

2 Answers

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Step-by-step explanation:
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By using changes of units, we will see that the correct option is d.

Which onion is heavier?

We know that the yellow onion weighs 0.59 lb

The red onion weighs 208.65 grams.

The thing we need to do, is write the first mass in grams, then we use:

1 lb = 453.59g

Then we can rewrite:

0.59 lb = 0.59* 453.59g = 267.62g

Then we can see that the red onion is heavier.

The difference in mass is:

m = 267.62g - 208.65g = 58.97g

Now we want to rewrite this in ounces, remember that:

1g = 0.035oz


58.97g = 58.97*0.035oz = 2.064 oz

Then the correct option must be d.

If you want to learn more about change of units:


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