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What features would need to be included on a scatter plot so that the data can be easily analyzed?

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Scatter plot is a graph that employs Cartesian coordinates to show the values of typically two variables plotted on the horizontal and vertical axes for a given set of data. The name of the relationship between the two variables that is shown by the scatter plot is referred to as correlation.
The following are the features of a scatter plot:
1. An X axis also known as the horizontal axis), and a Y axis which is also known as the vertical axis.The reason for these two axes is to obtain the Cartesian coordinates of the two variables X and Y.
2. Dots: There are must be dots on a scatter graph. The purpose of each of the dots is to indicate one observation of the data set.
3. Unique position of each dot: The purpose of the position of each dot is to indicate the meeting point of X and Y values.
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