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Claudia is making a candle by pouring melted wax into a mold in the shape of a cylinder. The radius of the cylinder’s base is 4 cm, and the height of the cylinder is 9 cm. To get the wax for the candle, Claudia melts cubes of wax that are each 3 cm by 3 cm by 3 cm. How many of the wax cubes will Claudia need to purchase to make the candle? (Note that Claudia is not able to purchase partial cubes). Show all your work.

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The formula of a cylinder is 2πr (r+h)

2π4 (4+9)

8π (13)

25.13 (13)


Cubes: area = a^3

3x3x3 = 27

326.73 / 27 = 12.1

Claudia would need to buy 13 wax cubes to fil the candle.

hope this helps k12 students :)
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