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You, Bryce, and Karissa are trying to determine which paper towel brand will
win the contest.
Bryce wants to use the data to determine which team cleans the fastest. Use
the information from all three time intervals to determine rates for each

Which team (Brand A, Brand B, or Brand C) do the data suggest can clean the
spill the fastest?
Explain how you determined your answer, including specific rates for each

1 Answer

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The data of brand C suggests that brand C has the fastest clean time because it has the least average time

How to determine the brand that suggest the fastest?

To do this, we simply calculate the average time of each brand.

From the complete question, we have:

Brand A: 20, 40, 60

Brand B: 30, 60, 90

Brand C: 15, 30, 45

The average is calculated using:

Average = Sum/Count

So, we have:

Brand A = (20 + 40 + 60)/3 = 40

Brand B = (30 + 60 + 90)/3 = 60

Brand C = (15 +30+ 45)/3 = 30

The least clean time is 30 (brand C).

Hence, the data of brand C suggests that brand C has the fastest clean time

Read more about average at:


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