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In a class of students, the following data table summarizes how many students have a brother or a sister. What is the probability that a student chosen randomly from the class is an only child?

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Step-by-step explanation:

there were in total 24 students (asked) in the class.

3 have a brother and a sister (and I assume this means "at least one" in either category).

15 have (at least) a brother but no sister.

4 have no brother but (at least) a sister.

2 have no brothers and no sisters (they are "only children").

a probability is always

desired cases / possible cases.

so, when picking a student randomly, we have 24 possibilities.

out of these 24 there are only 2 that are an "only child".

therefore, the probability to pick an "only child" is

2/24 = 1/12 = 0.083333333...
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