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Total piston displacement is given by the following formula: TT P.D.ED?LN 4 Where P.D. = piston displacement, in cubic inches D = diameter of bore of cylinder L = length of stroke, in inches N = number of cycles Find the diameter if P.D. = 400 cu in., L = 4.5 in., N = 6 in. to 2 Find the diameter: decimal places Do NOT put in units​

1 Answer

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≈ 1696460.03

Step-by-step explanation:


[tex]P.D.=(\frac{\pi }{4})D^2LN[/tex] ⇒ [tex]\left(\frac{\pi }{4}\right)400^2\cdot 4.5\cdot 6[/tex]


1. calculate pi and inset into equation


2. calculate exponents


3 . multiply the rest



4. divide by 2 to get the diameter


5. round to the nearest hundredth (2 decimal points)

[tex]= 1696460.032938[/tex] ≈ 1696460.03

Hope this helped!
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