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PLSS HELPPP!!!!!! HURRYYY!!! THXXX!!!Kylie compared the price per pound of two types of apples at her grocery store. She used the equation y=0.85x to represent y, the total cost in dollars of x pounds of apple A. She entered into the table below the cost of some weights of apple B.

What is the difference in the price per pound between apple A and apple B?









1 Answer

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Choice A is the correct answer.

Step-by-step explanation:

We can compare the prices by taking one of the weight values from the table for apple B and plug it into the equation for apple A.

For example, let's take 4 from the table. The equation would look like this:

y = 0.85(4) = $3.40.

This is the price of 4 pounds of apple A. However, the price for 4 pounds of apple B is $5.00.

5.00 - 3.40 = $1.60. This is the difference in price between 4 pounds of apple A and 4 pounds of apple B. If we want to find the difference per 1 pound, just divide 1.60 by 4.

1.60 / 4 = $0.40.

Therefore, the answer is Choice A.
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