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In a test (+5) marks are given for every correct answer and (-2) marks are given for every incorrect answer. Smitha answered all questions and scored (-15) marks though he got 3 correct answers. How many incorrect answer had she attempted?
Any one help I will mark u as BRAINLIEST ANSWER if u help me plssssss! I will not accept wrong answer pls

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Step-by-step explanation:

To solve this question we need to set up an equation.

Let's name the number of incorrect answers x.

We can set up an equation that's essentially:

(Points for correct answer)*(number of correct answers)+(points for incorrect answer)*(number of incorrect answers)=final score

When we plug in our numbers and variables it looks like this:




Subtract 15 from both sides


Divide both sides by -2


This means Smitha attempted 15 wrong answers, and that there were 18 questions in total.
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