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A company is started by four friends. The company was Erica’s idea, so she wants to fill 70% of the orders. Jen, Heather, and Tonya each agree to fill 10% of the orders. After a successful first year, Erica wants to determine if the distribution of the number of orders filled is adhering to the agreed-upon percentages. To do so, she selects a random sample of 100 orders from the large number of orders that were filled and determines who filled the order. What are the appropriate hypotheses for this test?

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The appropriate hypotheses for this test are :

- Erica filled 70
- Jen filled 10
- Heather filled 10
- Tonya filled 10

Meaning of hypothesis

A hypothesis is a statement that proposes a result that will be tested to get a verified result.A hypothesis is not hundred percent true, that is why it is always put to test. Hypothesis is singular while hypotheses is plural

Making a hypothesis in this case is an attempt to predict an answer or result that will be verified by doing the experiment.

We can conclude by saying that a hypothesis is not hundred percent true.

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