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julia and her friends are making kites out of paper. For each kite, they need a piece of paper that is \dfrac{65}{100} \text{ meter} 100 65 ​ meterstart fraction, 65, divided by, 100, end fraction, start text, space, m, e, t, e, r, end text wide. How many centimeters of paper will they need to make 444 kites?

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260 cm

Step-by-step explanation:

Each 1/00 of a meter is 1 cm, so 65/100 meters is 65 cm. If that is the length of paper required for 1 kite, then 4 times that length will be required for 4 kites.


The paper required for 4 kites is ...

(65 cm) × 4 = 260 cm
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