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20 POINTS) Zoe is doing a survey to find the time her classmates spend playing video games. She asks the following question:

Which student spends the most time playing video games?

Part A: Describe the data you would expect her to collect from this question. (5 points)

Part B: Explain whether this is a statistical question. If this is not a statistical question, then modify the question to make it statistical. (5 points)

2 Answers

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Their data table would
very much vary, because it’s not very likely that everyone in their class
could play video games for the exact
same duration.
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zoe's question's data would vary because not everyone in her class could play video games for the exact same amount of time.

however this is not a statistical question because we do not know when the students are playing video game for example we wouldnt know if she wanted to know how much time a classmates spends playing video games each year, each month, each week, etc. so to make this a statistical question zoe would have to ask.... which student spends the most time a day on video games.

hope this helps ;D

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