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In a data set with a normal distribution, the mean is 59 and the standard deviation is 3.
Part A
About what percent of the data lie between 53 and 62?
Part B
Complete: About 95% of the data lie between ______ and ________.

1 Answer

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Part A: 81.5%

Part B: About 95% of the data lie between 53 and 65.

Step-by-step explanation:

Note: the percentages marked in red and blue never change

For Part A, we add the percentages that are between 53 and 62. So, 34% + 34% + 13.5% which is 81.5%

For Part B, we can look at this graph and seen that 95% of this data set lies between 53 and 65

Hope this is correct and of help!
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