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A line plot with Kelly's lengths of ribbons is shown

What is the total length, in inches, for all pieces of ribbon?

2 Answers

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(I changed it back to fraction form instead of decimal because it seems that is how you are doing it)

Two possible lengths of ribbon (In inches) are 25 and 133 3/4

Step-by-step explanation

Okay, so- First, You need to find out how much ribbon is there before the two additional ones are added. Like this:

12 + 14 2/4 + 14 3/4 = 41 1/4

Next, subtract that amount from 200 to get the number of inches of ribbon that are needed to get 200 inches of ribbon. Like this:

(I changed it to a decimal to make it easier, so don't mind that)

200 - 41.25 = 158.75

So, 158.75 inches of ribbon are needed to get 200 inches. You can subtract any number less than 158.75 from that to get two seperate ribbon measurements.

(This might sound confusing so here)

For example:

158.75 - 25 = 133.75 (The bolded numbers are the two measurements)

158.75 - 65 = 93.75

So, Two possible lengths (in inches) of ribbon that kelly could have added are "25" and "133.75 "

Two possible lengths (in inches) of ribbon that kelly could have added are also "65" and "93.75"

Hope this helps! Please tell me if you have any questions!
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Add all of the x’s up you get 223.8
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