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The answer is 94 square inches.

First you have to find area of all the sides of the shape.

You so this by multiplying 4*5=20, 3*4=12, and 3*5=15

Then double all the products because there are two of each one of the sides on the shape because it is a rectangular prism.

You get 40, 24, and 30.

Finally add all of those numbers together to get the surface area. 40+24+30=94.

94 is the surface area
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94 square inches.

Step-by-step explanation:

Surface area is the area around a surface. Thus, in order to calculate the surface area of a rectangular prism, we just need to add up the different faces of it.

There are 2 5x4 faces, 2 3x5 faces, and 2 4x3 faces.

Thus, we get 2*20 + 2*15 + 2*12 = 40 + 30 + 24 = 94 square inches.
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