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What is the area of the figure?

An irregular shape that is made of two rectangles end to end that are eight inches long each and four inches wide. The total length of the base is sixteen inches. With two right triangles on top of the rectangles so the right angles meet the sides of the rectangles. The total length of each side with the width of the rectangle and the side of the triangle is seven inches.

88 square inches
96 square inches
120 square inches
80 square inches

1 Answer

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The area of the figure is 80 square inches. Check more about area below.

What is the irregular shape about?

To find the area:

Lets take area as A.


Note that rectangles A is eight inches long each and four inches wide. base: sixteen inches and width is seven inches.

A= rectangles A - rectangles B

= 16 * 7 - 8 * 4

=112- 32


Therefore, the area of the figure is 80.

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