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Answer quickly please I really need this answer right now
A bag contains:
• 5 red marbles
• 6 blue marbles
• 3 green marbles
• 2 yellow marbles
• 4 purple marbles
A student draws a random marble from the bag, records its color, and returns
it to the bag. The student makes a total of 60 draws. What is a reasonable
prediction for the number of times a green marble will be drawn?
O A. 18
O B. 10
Ос. 9
O D. 12

1 Answer

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Answer Choice A (8, eight)

Step-by-step explanation:

To begin, add all of the marbles together. When finished, the answer should be 20. Because the variable 20 equals 100, you divide 4 by 100. You will get 0.04 as a result. This multiplied by 20 equals 8. Finally, the answer is A.
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