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The perimeter of ΔABC is 13 cm. It was dilated to create ΔA'B'C'.

What is the perimeter of ΔA'B'C'?
1. 13 cm
2. 26 cm
3. 39 cm
4. 52 cm

1 Answer

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Perimeter of ΔA'B'C' is 52 cm.

The perimeter of ΔABC is =13 cm

Length of OB = 5 cm

Length of OB' = 15 + 5 = 20 cm

The Dilation factor can be found out b

ΔOCB and ΔOC'B' are similar as BC|| B'C'

From triangles ΔOCB & ΔOC'B' the dilation factor can be found out

by the formula below

[tex]\frac{BC}{B'C'} =\frac{5}{20}[/tex]

B'C'= 4BC

so the dilation factor = 4

hence the new perimeter of the triangle = 13 4 = 52 cm

for more information please refer the link below

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