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3. A bag of
Jelly beans contains 12 red, 17 white and 14 black jelly beans.

b) if 5 jelly beans are chosen at random, determine the probability that 2 will be white and 3 will
be black

1 Answer

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In Total there are 43 jelly beans, which means that will be our denomintor.(sorry if i spelled that wrong)

12/43 are red 17/43 are white 14/43 are black = 43/43

27.9% of 43 + 39.5% of 43 + 32.6% are black = 100%

There is the highest chance that the jelly beans chosen will be white, with black following. 2 white & 3 black would be 5/43 which is 11.6% of the jelly beans in total. Of this chance there is about a 25%chance that white will be chose & 27-30% chance that black will be chosen.

I HOPE THIS HELPS <3!! & good luck.
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