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Can someone please help me with this last question? Thankyou in advance!

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Step-by-step explanation:

Reference function:

y = x^2

Translated function:

y = a(x - h)^2 + k

k is vertical translation (up if positive or down if negative)

3 in your formula so it move up 3

h is horizontal translation (left if positive or right if negative)

1 in your formula so shifted 1 to the right horizontal translation

a is the vertical scaling

it can be either compressed (more narrow) or streched (wider)

a < 0 the graph is either stretched or compressed and also reflected about the x -axis

none in your formula
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Step-by-step explanation:

so your points are going to be as follows, starting with the left-most point.

(-1, 7)

(0, 4)

(1, 3) [this is the vertex]

(2, 4)

(3, 7)
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