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To determine whether students
want a new school mascot, Abby
surveys every 25th student from an
alphabetized list of students in the
school. Will the survey results from
this sample support a valid inference?

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Using sampling concepts, it is found that the sample would not support a valid inference, as both alphabetized and non-alphabetized students should be sampled.

What is sampling?

It is a common statistics practice, when we want to study something from a population, we find a sample of this population, which is a group containing elements of a population. A sample has to be representative of the population, that is, it has to involve all segments of the population.

The school has both alphabetized and non-alphabetized students, and both groups should be sampled for a valid inference to be made. Since only alphabetized students are sampled, the sample would not support a valid inference.

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