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Harry charges $4 to babysit for the first hour. For each additional hour, he charges

50% more than he did for the previous hour. How much money in total would Harry

earn for 4 hours of babysitting?

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1 Answer

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Harry would earn total money equal to $32.50 babysitting.

Since Harry charges 50% more for each additional hour as he did for the previous hour, then

he charges 1.5 or 3/2 times as much as he did for the previous hour.

What is the charge?

Term Definition Money charge refers to a special expense entry and allows an administrator to track changes in a project's billing.

Harry charges $4 for the first hour.

Harry then charges

3/2 × $4 = $6 for the second hour.

Harry then charges 3

3/2 × $6 = $9 for the third hour.

Harry then charges 3

3/2 × $9 = $ 27/2 = $13.50 for the fourth hour.

Therefore, for 4 hours of babysitting

Harry would earn $4 + $6 + $9 + $13.50 = $32.50.

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