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Which statement best describes the streams on either side of the Great Divide?

They feed different water sheds.
They channel rain to the Pacific Ocean.
They flow into the same drainage basin.
They have some of the same large rivers.

2 Answers

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a. they feed different water sheds

Step-by-step explanation:
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"They feed different water sheds" is the statement that best describes the streams on either side of the Great Divide


The Great Divide commonly refers to the continental divide of North America. The watersheds of the Pacific Ocean are separated from the Atlantic Ocean by the Great Divide. Green River watershed is located to the west of the endorheic basin, and it is drained to the Gulf of California/Pacific Ocean.

The water flowing to the Pacific Ocean is separated from the water flowing to the Southern and Indian Oceans. Various

water sheds can be efficiently fed through Great Divide.
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