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During a one-year time period, how many gallons of water would the average household save by using an efficiency washer vs a regular washer? Is this one-year savings more or less than the amount of water an average person drinks in a lifetime? Explain and show your assumptions, calculations, and conversions.

Consider it to be 2 separate problems:
1. How much water is saved in a one-year period when using an efficiency washer vs regular washer - answer based on your assumptions and calculations for full credit
2. How much water does an average person drink in a lifetime – arrive at this answer based on your assumptions and calculations
3. Compare the answers to those 2 questions to arrive at your conclusion

Below are 2 pieces of information that you might find helpful

there are 128 oz in a gallon
there are 365 days in a year and also 52 weeks in a year

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