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100PT AND BRAINLIEST! PLEASE HELP! Use technology to approximate the solution(s) to the system of equations to the nearest tenth of a unit.
f(x) = 1/4^x
g(x) = log(2x)

Select all that apply.

A. (0.4, 0.7)
B. (-0.3, 0.9)
C. (0.9, 0.3)
D. (1.4, 0.1)
E. (1.4, -0.3)

I'd really appreciate any help you can give! Thanks!

2 Answers

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- f(x)=1/4^x
- g(x)=log2x

Let's graph both

Graph attached


- (0,9,0.3)
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C. (0.9, 0.3)


[tex]\rightarrow \sf \dfrac{1}{4^{x}} = \log(2x)[/tex]

The above given equation is critical to solve algebraically thus they have mentioned to solve it using a technology - graphing calculator.

When graphed the following equations:

They meet each other at: (0.9371, 0.2728) [tex]\sf \underset{ solution }{ \xrightarrow{ \text{ nearest tenth } } }[/tex] (0.9, 0.3)
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