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(06.07 MC)
The cost and customer rating of 15 cars is shown on the scatterplot. The cars are
rated on a scale of 0 to 100.

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Based on the relationship between the ratings and cost, the association is a positive correlation. The data point that affects the appropriateness of using linear regression is $4,200 and 15 rating.

A car that is cost effective and rated highly is the data point (3,500,100).

What does the scatterplot show on cost and customer rating?

In general, the cost of cars shown is higher when the customer reviews are high as well. This shows a positive correlation between cost and customer ratings.

The car at (4,200, 15) is an outlier because it is expensive and yet has low ratings. It would therefore affect a linear regression model if one is used to fit the data shown.

The car at (3,500, 100) is cost-effective and rated high because it is not as expensive as a lot of other cars, and yet has the highest customer rating of 100.

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