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3. Juan graphed the exponential function, g(x), as shown on the grid. Then, he made 4
statements about the graph. Which of the following statements is NOT true?
A. The domain of g(x) is x 2-3.
B. The range of g(x) is y> 0.
C. The function has an asymptote at y = 0.
D. The function can be represented by
g(x) = 8(0.75)*
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1 Answer

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The statement that is not true about Juan's graph is (a) the domain of g(x) is x ≥ -3.

How to determine the false statement?

From the graph of the exponential function, we have the following highlight:

The smallest x value is greater than -3

This means that the domain of the graph is

x > -3

Hence, the false statement about Juan's graph is (a) the domain of g(x) is x ≥ -3.

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