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3р +4b=10.50


How do I graph the 2 equations above help!!!

1 Answer

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Assuming "p" is "y", and "b" is "x" (in y=mx+b or ax+by=c):
The first equation can be graphed by getting p to zero, and then setting b to zero.
Setting those values to 0 will find you the intercepts.
So, you get 3p=10.50, p=3.5. This means that the y intercept is 3.5, or as a point. (0, 3.5).
For b, you get 4b=10.50, b=2 5/8. This is the x intercept, which as point is (2 5/8, 0). All you have to do afterwards is connect the two points and you have your line.

For the second equation, it's very easy.
"2b" is the slope, which means it goes up 2, and to the right one.
\The "+1" is the y intercept, which as a point is (0,1). You can find another point from (0,1) with the slope, by just going up 2, to the right 1.
Connect those two points and you have your line.
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